Episode 36: The Long Slog

Ped is strangely primed this morning, Tom is strangely immune to poison ivy, and they both take a long, strange slog through software development and language immersion.

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Primed and Ready to Go! [01:53]

  • The collected wisdom of Two Bit Geeks:
    • “You never can tell with bees.”
    • “It’s easy to succeed when you don’t know what you’re doing.”
    • “At the end of the day, most people are just people.”
    • “It only takes one fly to spoil the soup.”

Flies, Spiders, Mosquitoes, and Poison Ivy [09:20]

Learn Coding with Grasshopper [22:22]

Language Immersion [32:00]

Getting in the Zone [36:17]

Getting Started with Coding [48:07]

Music by Lee Rosevere (CC by 4.0)