About the Podcast

Two Bit Geeks is a casual conversation between two longtime friends who proudly inhabit the wide world of geekdom. In this podcast, Ped and Tom explore the interesting, the useful, and the frivolous, sharing their love of the infinite wonder of the universe.


About the Geeks


Ped is a middle-aged family man and geek of all things meta, engaged in a life-long quest to balance his clear-headed, digital thinky side with his open-hearted, analog fluffy side. Philosopher by education, software developer by trade and Neutral Good by alignment, Ped enjoys reflecting on the most practical and amazing aspects of life in the most cognitively dissonant, logophilic and tangential manner that Tom will let him get away with.


Although he has been described on more than one occasion as a curmudgeon, Tom is restraining his misanthropic tendencies in order to bring you this podcast. For much of the day, he disguises himself as a grizzled IT Nerd; the rest of the time, he aspires to be a life-long student of the universe. With a skeptical temperament and a Lawful Neutral alignment, he strives to be a foil to Ped’s protean exuberance. Wish him luck.