Episode 30: The Tyranny of Convenience

Ped is moonlighting on Tom. If elected, Tom will not serve. They both explore the consequences of convenience, of speeding, of firearms, of bedtime eggs, of sleeping possums, and placebos.

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Moonlighting Pedcast [00:00]

Electoral Tomfoolery [09:29]

The Wikipedia is amazing [15:28]

Reading and Libraries [21:22]

Consequences of Convenience [29:44]

On a Lighter Note: Speeding [41:56]

Consequences of Firearms [49:38]

On a Lighter Note: Bedtime Story Eggs [59:23]

Consequences of Wildlife [1:06:37]

Consequences of Placebos [1:14:36]

Music by Lee Rosevere (CC by 4.0)