Episode 17: National Park Sandwich

The dramatic conclusion of the The Great Pea Experiment; Ped across America with a road trip redux through five National Parks, seven natural wonders and The Argonath; and there’s good reason to celebrate our 13th Doctor.

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The Great Pea Experiment: riveting finale [00:19]

Ped across America: road trip redux [04:37]

Top seven highlights

  1. South Kaibab Trail, Grand Canyon National Park
  2. Mexican Hat > Monument Valley, southeast Utah
  3. East Entrance, Zion National Park
  4. “The Narrows”, Zion National Park
  5. Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park
  6. Blacktail Ponds Overlook, Grand Teton National Park
  7. Lower Falls Overlook, Yellowstone National Park

The New Doctor: it’s about “time”! [64:40]

Music by Lee Rosevere (CC by 4.0)