Episode 04: Spoiler Alert!

Quickly drawing on machine learning, practicing good spoiler hygiene, taking a trip with Doctor Strange, the audacious Arrivaland Ted Chiang, a language of pure logic, thinking without language and testing episode storage capacity.

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Quick, Draw! [00:39]

The nature and role of spoilers [03:25]

Doctor Strange [13:00]

Arrival [24:20]

Can we think without language? [42:20] 

.i coi do mi tavla fo la .lojban. .i .e’u do terbejbi’o la’o gy.Two Bit Geeks.gy. poi cravi ku’o te zu’e tu’a lo nu casnu lo cinri .e lo plixau .e lo se xalbo gi’e rinka lo nu pensi

Lojban translation and recording by {suzil}

Music by Lee Rosevere (CC by 4.0)